Year II, July – December 2017, 3 – 4


Mikaela Minga

Multipart singing in Albania and the journey of this cultural asset

Nicola Scaldaferri

The urban singing in Shkodra and the epic songs of Northern Albania. Minutes from a meeting with Ramadan Sokoli in July 1999

Eno Koço

The Iso(n) – a Participatory Component in the South Albanian Multipart Unaccompanied Singing and in Byzantine Chant

Matteo Mandalà

The origin of the odyssey of De Rada’s ‘Italian’ manuscripts preceding the poem Milosao

Bardhyl Demiraj

The lives of the Albanian seminarians in the Urban College

Lucia Nadin

Enshrining memory. Venetian archives and their immense richness in documents on Albanian history

Italo Sarro

Albanian identity in the documents from the Vatican archives

Carlo Pardi Suma

Documents on Albanian questions in the Farnesina Archive

Krisztián Csaplár-Degovics

Difficult Beginning: The first Steps of State-building in Albania. The Conflict between Ismail Qemali and Esat Toptani in 1913

Rovena Sakja Godo

Albanian landscapes in the pages of Rivista Mensile, published by Touring Club Italiano

Evalda Paci

Franciscan archival legacy and its invaluable insights into the Albanian culture

Marenglen Kasmi

Albania and the Albanian questions in the German archives. Some guidelines on the documents, premises and the use of the German Archives

David Hosaflook

The archives of the Bible Society and various “Protestant” archives as a source for modern Albanian history

Sokol Çunga

Fund “Mark Harapi” in the Central State Archive in Tirana; one unknown translation of the New Testament and several other documents from the State Security dossiers

Gjovalin Çuni

The Franciscan archive residing in the library Marin Barleti in Shkodra

Pranvera Teli (Dibra)

Diplomacy in the Cold War era. The Albanian Committee for Cultural and Friendly Relations with Foreign Countries and Propaganda

Andi Rëmbeci

Documents from the post-byzantine era in the Central State Archive. The Codex of Korça and Selasfor – a case in point

Anila Omari

Prof. Rexhep Ismajli’s linguistic studies on the early Albanian texts

Evalda Paci

Rexhep Ismajli’s contribution to the study of early Albanian texts