Year VII, July – December 2022, 3-4



Dear friends,
It is with great pleasure that we announce that 2022 was a very successful year for our journal, achieving two major targets. In November the Italian Agency ANVUR informed us that after an attentive perusal our journal was recognised as scientific (Resolution no. 228, 3 Nov. 2022) and therefore indexed in Area X of the above mentioned Agency.
A few days afterwards, Scopus, Elsevier’s abstract and citation database covering nearly 36, 377 titles from more than 11,000 publishers worldwide accepted our request to be indexed in their database. Forming part of such renowned indexes is an achievement which certifies the high scientific criteria applied by Shejzat-Pleiades to the submitted essays and articles.
Therefore, Shejzat-Pleiades and its editorial staff express their gratitude to the contributing authors who by submitting their essays, articles and studies to our journal in years have displayed trust and reliance on us.
We would also like to thank our readership and scholars alike who have been inspired in their work by our publications and quote features from Shejzat-Pleiades in their individual or co-author research. A great debt of gratitude is also owed to all those who have aided us for the publication of both, the paper and the electronic versions of the journal.
Being indexed by Anvur and Scopus implies a deeper commitment for all of our staff in order to enhance the high quality of Shejzat-Pleiades thus serving purposes of scientific and educational research for a more cohesive and inclusive society.

Ardian Ndreca

Arben Ndreca

Murrash, Gjeto, Gjetan, Tetë dhe Vogël Si t’i interpretojmë dhe t’i përkthejmë disa emra njerëzish të Mesjetës së Arbërit.

Yll Rugova

Dëshmi mbi një alfabet origjinal të shqipes nga shekulli XVII:
Kozmai i Durrësit si shpikës i mundshëm i alfabetit të parë origjinal të shqipes.

Matteo Mandalà

Alle origini dell’Odissea deradiana e la fase premilosaica “in italiano”.
(prima parte)

Anton Berishaj

Poetika neoavangarde e Anton Pashkut Romani “OH”

Majlinda Bregasi - Olimpia Gargano

Storie, voci e immagini dall’esotismo di prossimità.
Il caso della narrativa albanese italografa